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How to Improve Copywriting Skills and Increase Conversions

"Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points." – Jonah Sachs

The most important thing to know about turning your website traffic into conversions, or sales, is that it is done through copywriting that causes potential customers to feel moved to act. Strong copy equals a strong marketing strategy. No matter what you are selling, marketing will help you achieve a higher number of conversions.  

So how is copywriting done? From research to headlines to originality, we've compiled a guide to copywriting for beginners.

Follow these easy steps to copywriting so you can strengthen your skills and increase conversion:

Engage readers’ interest with strong headlines.

If a headline is not interesting enough to capture readers’ interest, they are unlikely to continue reading further. You need to capture your readers’ interest quickly to make them consider buying from your company. Headlines are a key element of your copy that should draw readers into the article and convince them that the rest of is it worth reading. With the massive amount of information constantly being posted online, many readers don’t have the attention span to do more than skim webpages. By creating headlines that let readers know what they stand to gain from your services, you catch their attention and persuade them that the rest of your content is valuable to them.

Conduct thorough research to ensure accuracy.

Good copy contains content that is reliable and honest, with facts taken from trustworthy sources. The easiest way to deliver the authentic content that your readers expect from you is to make sure you do your research before you write your copy. You are more likely to convince your readers that you know what you’re talking about, thereby convincing them to buy your product, if you prove that you are knowledgeable about your subject. It is important to build a sense of trust with your potential customers, and this starts by showing them that you are providing them with authentic and trustworthy source of information.

Collect data on customers to get to know your audience better.

Engaging potential customers starts with your headlines, but they must remain constantly engaged if you want to maintain long-term success. When you know who you are writing for, it is easier to keep readers engaged. You can become more familiar with your audience by visualizing who they may be. The more information you can collect on your potential customers, the more likely you are to persuade them to take action. This information can be collected through a customer questionnaire or survey, or by compiling a list of frequently asked questions. Customer feedback can then be incorporated into your marketing strategy to increase the likelihood of conversions.

Use authenticity to create trust.

One of the biggest barriers that prevents customers from purchasing products from new companies or start ups is their unfamiliarity with the business and their brand. They have no way of knowing whether the company will fulfill their expectations. By writing copy with a strong, unique voice, you can begin to create a sense of familiarity with your customers that will make them feel more willing to trust you. It may take some experimentation to decide on which voice will be most effective for your brand, but once you determine which voice is the most impactful, you will be able to reassure potential customers that your company delivers on its claims.  

Understand your customer for increased persuasive power.

The most important part of writing copy that persuades your audience to buy your product is the ability to demonstrate the benefits to your customer. When your customers feel like they have a lot to gain from your product, they are more likely to agree to buy it. When influencing customers, logical and emotional components are the most useful. Writing copy that evokes emotion can help encourage customers to act, while including logical benefits in your copy will make customers feel that you have given them the information necessary to make an accurate and informed choice.

Be original.

The voice of your copy does more than make a customer feel familiar with you and your brand. An original voice can help you stand out from the competition. Keeping in mind the tendency of online readers to skim pages and bypass reading content that doesn’t immediately capture their interest, originality in your writing will make it all the more likely that a potential customer will take the time to read what you have to say. The use of a more conversational tone is a useful tool in making your writing stand out. While some people believe that copy always needs to be very structured and professional-sounding, allowing your own voice to come through in your writing gives your readers a more personalized impression and increases the chance that they will remember what they have read.


There is a lot of strategy involved in writing strong and convincing copy. Professional copywriters make a living by designing and implementing business strategies. However, by using these steps and tracking your results, you can make your copy more effective and increase your ability to convert potential customers. For more information on how to increase your conversions with strong copywriting, visit Accountable Communications.