Marketing Franchise Opportunities

Are You Interested in Earning an Above Average, Residual Income?

Accountable Communications Inc. Licenses its Intellectual Property and Offers Train the Trainer Courses For Up and Coming Marketing Professionals Seeking to Make Above Average Incomes

If you have great presentation and sales skills, the rest can be trained. We do all of your production until you have your own team in place. Production includes: Website Design; Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Marketing; Advertising Consulting and Franchise Consulting.

Having the Right Marketing Tools, Knowing How to Use Them, And Actually Using Them Almost Guarantees Success

While many business owners have some of the proper marketing tools, most don't utilize them to their full potential and some don't use them at all. Our marketing tools incorporate leading edge initiatives that will make you want to use them as they lend the marketing process transparency

There is a Formula to Successful Marketing - One That Can be Taught

While learning to market a business properly can sometimes seem a daunting task, most marketing and even advertising has the same formula, with idiosyncrasies, that can be taught, providing the student has a passion for learning and attention to detail.

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