Entertainer's Price & Revenues Triple in First Month of Working With Us

Not enough work. Girlfriend/partner hated cold calling. Advertising costs too high.

Step 1: Wrote effective marketing content for the website
Step 2: Wrote an effective Cold Calling Message
Step 3: Tested the cold calling message and it worked immediately
Step 4: H
ired a new agent and gave them the new message
Step 5: Wrote an effective advertisement
Step 6: 
Advertised in all of the right places


  • Got all of the work that they needed
  • Advertising costs went down
  • Started making a lot of money
  • Got Married!

This entertainer is now one of the most sought after entertainers in the city. Industry Domination!

“Thank you! I’m not kidding you, this is going like GANG BUSTERS! Peter, we can’t thank you enough for your work, help, guidance, coaching and support.  It’s like living on another planet. We feel so blessed by God that he directed us to you!” C. A., Partner


Piano Instructor/Entertainer Triples Revenues in First Year of Working With Us and Doubles Again in the Second Year

Not enough work. Advertising costs too high.


Step 1: Wrote effective advertisement
Step 2: Wrote an effective event strategy
Step 3: Suggested different advertising mediums



  • Currently on track to make $1 Million Dollars Annually
  • Advertising costs went way down
  • Started making a lot of money
  • Takes 4 Months Vacation Annually


This instructor/entertainer performs sold out events across Canada. Industry Domination!


"I signed up with ACI’s Peter Singleton as my marketing consultant because he is truly a man of vision and quite frankly he gets things done!  Peter promises and Peter delivers!” P. N. Piano Instructor/Entertainer