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Reflexologist is Optimized To Place in the First 3 Positions on Google For the Most Critical Keyword Phrase (That's Right...All First 3 Positions!) Plus Their YouTube Video is in Position 7 (For now)

Not Enough Sales. Could not afford advertising. Did farmer's markets and community tradeshows with limited results.

Step 1: Designed website and wrote effective marketing content
Step 2: Wrote an effective advertisement
Step 3: Suggested inexpensive direct marketing initiative
Step 4: Optimized website and started receiving calls and clients from site

Step 5: Participated in large tradeshow with 5 other participants that lowered cost of booth


  • Got the right type of clients via advertising, for the first time ever
  • Advertising costs went down
  • Started spending more on marketing and advertising
  • Got more business with each initiative

This practitioner is now one of the busiest reflexologists in the city. Industry Domination!

"This is by far the best marketing that has ever been done for me. I have practiced for the past 20 years and have tried everything, in many different cities. I now get the right type of client, that I have been looking for since the beginning, whenever I want more business." L. P. Reflexologist


Footbath Importer/Distributor Reaches Target Goal in First Month of Working With Us

Not Enough Sales. Did expensive tradeshows that ate up most of the profits in exhibitor space, brochure printing and travel expenses.

Step 1: Designed website and wrote effective marketing content for the website
Step 2: Wrote an effective brochure to be used but not distributed
Step 3: Wrote a tradeshow strategy


  • Sold over $27,000.00 worth of product AT THE SHOW (never sold anything at the show previously)
  • Sold more again with follow up
  • Advertising costs went down - no more cost of expensive brochures

This company now sells footbaths all over North America. Industry Domination!

"We had Peter consult with us for a year and then we tried other marketers. Peter is the only marketer that actually increased our revenues dramatically, whereas in contrast, the others just cost us money." J. J. Footbath Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor