Small Business Accountancy Shows a Huge Profit in the First Month of Operations and Franchises Within First 2 Years in Business

Start up... in a heavily competitive industry, and the owner is NOT AN ACCOUNTANT NOR A BOOKKEEPER!

Step 1: Designed website and wrote effective marketing content for the website
Step 2: Wrote an effective advertisement
Step 3: Suggested inexpensive direct marketing initiatives
Step 4: Search Engine Optimized website


  • Made a 5-figure profit in the first month of operation on a shoe-string budget
  • Currently has 11 critical keywords in the top 5 positions on Google
  • Advertising costs went down thanks to SEO results
  • Every marketing initiative generated super results

This company is now advertising to sell franchises. Industry Domination!

"I was initially hesitant to work with a consultant because of budget restraints but I bit the bullet and was immediately elated when we showed a 5-figure profit in the first month! I constantly recommend Accountable Communications to all of my clients." M. A. Accountancy Franchisor



Mortgage Broker Doubles Previous Year's Volumes Within The First 4 Months of 2013


Bank Manager becomes an independent mortgage broker and goes from all in-house leads to having to acquire her own leads. Struggling financially.


Step 1: Wrote promotional advertising message
Step 2: Suggested inexpensive direct marketing initiative




  • Advertising costs went down
  • Marketing initiative generated super results


Doubled previous year's volumes in 4 months. Industry Domination!


"I just wanted to say thank you for giving me some ideas on how to grow my business. As of the end of April, (2013) I have doubled the volumes from last year! To be truthful I doubted your idea because I never thought that anyone would call, but it worked! J I wanted to say thanks. I really appreciated your input and advice." D. N. Mortgage Broker