Marketing Plan

Step 1: Our Marketing Audit Will reveal Your Current Positioning

This in-depth 2-hour analysis conducted with the business owner reveals your company’s strengths and weaknesses and provides the basis for developing an effective marketing plan. We analyse your:

Corporate Identity Marketing Initiatives
Sales Initiatives
Performance Indicators
Exit Strategies
Name Internet Marketing Prospecting Sales/Marketing Analytics Expansion
Logo Traditional Marketing Tools & Strategies Conversion Statistics Eventual Sale

Step 2: We Then Perform a Website Optimization and Website Rank Analysis

This research gives us a better idea of where your business currently ranks on the various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube and tells us what your higher ranking competitors are doing, that you're not.

Step 3: We Generate, What To Us is a Marketing Plan, To You Becomes a Chronically Prioritized "To Do" List

This 25 to 35 page report will be a step-by-step, here’s exactly what needs to be done to position your business for sales growth.

Step 4: We Start Doing What Needs To be Done To Get More Clients, Buying More Products, More often

Utilizing the newly created marketing plan as a road map, we bring together our team of experts and start implementing our expertise…modularly…to generate…

Traffic + Trust = Transaction

Step 5: Marketing Efforts Need To Be Tested and Measured For Optimal Success

All campaigns are tracked, analysed and either multiplied, improved or discarded until such time that we have developed a marketing and sales “profit” machine that is both predictable and highly profitable.