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Here are Some Ways to Make Your Products & Services Go Viral

You've heard of the term "viral"? That's when someone sees something that is so unique that they want all of their friends to see it, too! Wouldn't it be great if you could harness that power for your products or services with your marketing message? Marketing messages that get the most mileage today are graphic. Here's one that caught my attention. Surely you'd tell your friends!


How about... Shopping Bags


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The examples on the left are BIG companies with BIG budgets and plenty of brand exposure in the media.
Here are some ideas that can relate to SMALL businesses without large budgets...

Try Joining a Business Networking Club and Have All of the Members Talking About Your Products and Services to Their Friends

An immediate, sure-fire way to get people talking about your products and services to people that they know is by joining a business networking club. While there are numerous clubs in the city, there are a few that stand out... for different reasons.

Probus Club of Calgary

The Probus Club of Calgary is Calgary's oldest networking club, founded in 1922. This club meets every second Thursday at lunchtime at the Calgary Elks Club just north of 16th avenue. There are usually 25 to 30 members and guests in attendance at every meeting.

CGAA's Corporate Business Club

Launched in 2014, this "Corporate" business club meets every Friday morning from 7:30 am to 8:30 am by invite only, with "Business to Business" owners in attendance. It is the only business network referral club in Calgary that has the owner of the real estate brokerage, the owner of the mortgage brokerage and the owners of the insurance brokerages, general and financial, participating weekly.

CGAA Christmas Party 2017


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