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We often get asked, "How Do I Get Found on Google?" Here are 10 Steps to Getting Found on Page 1 of Google

(Updated April 15, 2016)

1. Identify What Keyword Phrases People Type into Google to Find Your Products or Services

Don't just guess what people are using to find your site, there are many different tools on the internet that will help you identify keyword phrases that people are actually typing into Google to find you. Here is an example of what one client wanted us to optimize their site for... "counselling services in calgary"

We started by identifying which keyword phrases people are using the most. Can you guess?

a) counselling services in calgary
b) calgary counselling
c) counselling calgary

Which one would you spend your money getting found for? Find the answer at the bottom if this page.

2. Write Your Listing Copy That You Want to Show Up on Page 1 of Google

 Here is what a listing on Page 1 of Google looks like:


The top "blue" line is called your metatag title.
The 2nd "green" line is called your URL - Uniform Resource Locator or page name
The black text is called your metatag description, which is a description of your company and service
The blue text at the bottom is menu items

You need to tell Google what you want to say here by putting this information in the HTML code in the "back end" of your site. The "front end" of your site is what the public sees and the "back end" or code is what Google sees.

All of these should be different for every single page of your website. The biggest mistake that most web designers make is to have the exact same title and description on every page of their website.

3. Add Keyword-Rich Content to the Page That You Want Found

Start with H1 header tags in your HTML code. H1 is like a category of business to Google which is also the exact same keyword phrase that people are searching for. Example: counselling calgary. Next add H2 to H6 header tags of the next highest searched keyword phrases. Example: calgary counselling. Add your keywords in paragraph text, bold text and anchor text.

4. Add Google Analytics to Your Site So That You Can Analyze Traffic Patterns

You want to confirm that visitors are actually coming to your site and that you have the right content. Sites rank high on Google when they have a lot of traffic that comes to their site and stays on their site. If people come and leave right away or "bounce", their bounce rate is 100%. High Bounce Rates, from local visitors, means that the content on your site is not compelling enough for people to read.

5. Create an XML Sitemap and Submit it to Google

Once your site is live, create what is called a sitemap and submit it to Google.

6. Submit Your Site to Google My Business

Create a Google Plus page and submit your site to Google My Business. Google likes anything Google better than the competition. Google Plus is Google's equivalent to Facebook. Don't ignore it. Embrace it. Add content to it on a regular basis.

7. Reputation Management - POS Review Strategy

Even the best companies can sometimes get less than favourable reviews. I saw a one-star review because a steakhouse wasn't vegan. Ludicrous. 

Implement a Point of Sale (POS) Review Strategy that will not only strengthen your reputation and get you more business, it will also get your site ranked higher on Google. Asking people that are happy with your service if they would give you a review gets about 100% "yes" and about 2% reviews... Unless you hand them an iPad and show them how and where to give you one. Here are a few of the more effective places for reviews:

  • Google Places/Google Plus - This one is a must! (Google owns it!)
  • YouTube (Google owns it!) Put recorded reviews on your website and YouTube
  • On your website
  • Yelp!
  • Homestars - for tradespeople
  • Houzz - for tradespeople
  • Yahoo Local Listings
  • Yellow Pages
  • Consumer Reports
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

8. Promote Your Website Online and Offline

Add your site to as many local and industry-related sites as possible:

  • There are 58 free business directories in Calgary
  • There are a handful of free classified sites in Calgary
  • Contact all of your suppliers and get a link from their site to yours
  • Do a link exchange with as many local businesses as you can
  • Make videos and post them on video sites like YouTube (Google owns it)
  • Advertise offline - Traffic to your site from any source helps Google rank

Advertise your site using conventional advertising mediums.

The more traffic that goes to your site, the more likely it is to rank high on page one of Google.

9. Write 20 to 200 Word Industry-Related "Posts" and Post Them To Social Media Sites

Content is king. Write, write, write!!! Any and everything about your industry. Make sure that they link back to the topic-related page of your website. Google is looking for posts that are shared. Here are some popular types of posts that are shared often:

  • Industry-related jokes
  • Industry-related videos
  • Industry-related question and answer
  • Industry-related images
  • Breaking news

Post them on ALL of your social media using a post scheduling program like Hootsuite $ or Hubspot $$$. Continue doing this, especially if you are in a heavily competitive industry.

10. Write 300 to 1,500 Word Industry-Related Articles and Post Them to High Traffic Sites

 Content is king. Write, write, write!!! Any and everything about your industry. Make sure that they link back to the topic-related page of your website. Google is looking for articles that are shared. Post them on good, clean, high traffic sites using a post scheduling program like Hootsuite $ or Hubspot $$$. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Found on Page 1 of Google and How Do I Calculate ROI?

That all depends on what your competition is doing to stay on page 1. For some keyword phrases we have seen it take as little as 30 days and as much as 12 months but the average is about 6 to 8 months.

Case Study Steve Gronick - Personal Trainer in Calgary. The work required to get Steve's site to page 1 of Google was about $650/month. It took 13 months to get him found on page 1 to where he was getting calls and converting them into clients. The average client was $4,184/year and he was getting at least 6 new clients per month or over $250,000 per year. Therefore, for an annual investment of $7,800 in his first year, his return was $0.00. Looking at the two year total his ROI is approximately 300% per year. Not a bad investment. In fact, it allowed Steve to sell his Calgary business and move to Kelowna. Unfortunately, the new owner did not engage us to continue performing his SEO and within 3 months the site had mover to page 3 of Google and he was no longer getting calls. 

Is Article Marketing an Effective SEO Strategy?

I recently listened to videos where Google search engine staff members talk about article marketing and you may be surprised to know that they don't like it - when it's not done properly...

The Wrong Way to Write an Article or Post

When you hire someone to write articles for you, most just find one on the internet and put it in an "article spinner" which just changes all if the words that can be changed with a Thesaurus. It usually turns a good article into a lot of gibberish. There's usually no compelling material in a purchased article. Just a lot of dribble.

The Right Way to Write an Article or Post

The best is to write your own articles because you are an expert on the topic of anything in your industry.

The second best is to hire someone who will find about 10 articles on the subject in question, group the information, sequentialize it, and rewrite it.

Need some help? Call me, Peter Singleton, at 403-214-0222 and I'll show you how the articles that we write are getting sites on page one of Google for the highest searched keyword phrases and getting them more business.

Is Backlinking Dead? Is SEO Dead?

Not according to Google technicians it's not, and it won't be for many years to come! According to Google's Matt Cutts in a video from May 5th, 2014 "backlinks still have many, many years left in them. Over time backlinks will become a little less important." Backlinks still help determine authority.

Today, combining article and post writing with backlinks to your appropriate industry-related page is what is getting businesses found in the top positions on Google.

How Does Google Handle Duplicate Content? Will Duplicate Content Hurt My Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

According to Google technician Matt Cutts, up to "30% of internet content is duplicate." It's only considered "spam" or harmful, and Google will penalize you, if you are trying to use "the same boiler plate text" for every city and every Province/State to get found in the number one position for each city or Province/State. Not going to happen. If you're not doing that, "for the most part, you shouldn't have to worry." says Matt Cutts.

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Answer: councelling calgary

a) counselling services in calgary - has 10 searches per month on average
b) calgary counselling - has 320 searches per month on average
c) counselling calgary - has 480 searches per month on average