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Calgary Web Design That Turns Browsers Into Buyers - It's All About the Benefits!

Your web design should have a clear, compelling message that converts window shoppers into buyers. There is a formula to creating effective website content that will generate premeditated, predictable profits…consistently. Your content should include the following:

  • Clean, crisp graphics that enhance your message, not overpower it
  • A powerful introduction – that gets your target prospect’s attention and compels them to read more
  • Compelling text: benefit-rich headlines and sub-headlines with supporting content
  • Education on your solutions to their pain
  • Social proof – 3rd party collaboration that you do what you say you can
  • Scarcity or urgency
  • Call to action – an initiative that gets THEM to CONTACT YOU

Your website should have an Autoresponder that automatically follows up

Most Buyers Buy After 3 to 5 Contacts and Most Salespeople Follow Up Twice. Every Page Should Contain an Automated "Permission Marketing" Conversion Strategy with Unlimited Follow Up. Every page of your website should contain a conversion strategy whereby your target prospects take the next step and give you permission to market to them, whether that be by:

  • Subscribing to your free report
  • Subscribing to your white paper
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Getting your free download
  • Registering for your event
  • Registering for your webinar

Once they subscribe or register, they are automatically sent what they subscribed to, they are added to an autoresponder that has a series of emails that they get sent over time, and their contact information automatically goes into your online Contact Relationship Management software 

Every website should have a CRM to track your marketing and sales campaigns

Most Businesses Have No Way of Tracking Sales Activities, Only Sales - That's Too Late! Automated Web Sales Tools Allow You To Monitor Exactly What Your Sales People Are Doing At All Times. Customer Relationship Management software known as CRM is one of the most powerful sales tools for a website. It keeps track of all your sales people's communication with all of their customers, and potential customers, and it tracks all campaigns automatically. Here are just some of the advantages of our sites:

  • Event Registration - for your company anniversary, company golf tournament, or holiday events
  • Newsletter Subscription - so that you can continually market to potential clients
  • Calendar - keep track of your sales peoples' activities on your cell phone
  • E-Marketing - send messages to large numbers of people in minutes without getting blacklisted
  • Content Management System - allows you to easily edit your website yourself any time


Most websites look professional but lack essential conversion features that sell...


Professionally Designed Website
Onsite Optimization:
Proper Source Code (Title, description, etc.)
Onsite Optimization:
Proper Header Tags, Bold Text and Paragraph Text
Onsite Optimization:
Image Alt. Tags
Lead Generation:
Free Report to Initiate Permission-Based Marketing
Lead Generation:
Contact Info on Every Page
Lead Generation:
Contact Form on Every Page
Lead Generation:
Functioning Social Media Buttons
Lead Generation:
Promotional Advertising Copy That Sells on Every Page
Lead Tracking:
Contact Form Attached to Online Database
Lead Tracking:
Online Database is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Lead Follow Up:
CRM has Auto Responder
Lead Follow Up:
CRM Uses 3rd Party Email Server That Allows Bulk Email Sends
Sales Reporting:
CRM has sales reports


What's On Your Website?

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